Air transport


The advantage of the airfreight service is its worldwide reach as well as the time of the order’s realization (depending on the direction of the route) which shall normally not exceed 2 – 7 days from the collection of the cargo to the arrival at the destination airport.

Ave Cargo cooperates with the most reliable and verified airlines. We are able to offer several transport solutions – differing from each other in price and time of realization – for almost every route. That is why we can find optimal solutions to meet our customers’ expectations and needs, starting from direct flight routes to cargo consolidations.

As the only company in Poland we are the member of PPL Networks organization. We have partners in every part of the world and we are able to offer comprehensive door – to – door airfreight transport services.

When it comes to airports for export and import, we provide services in:

  • Poland – (Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa)
  • Europe – (Frankfurt (DE), Prague (CZ), Vienna (AT), Amsterdam (NL), Paris (FR))

Our customers can count on our assistance in every aspect related to transport, starting from the preparation of customs documents to consulting the form of packaging.

For import orders we also offer a fiscal briefing with deferred payment of VAT tax on imported goods.

Courier deliveries

For smaller packages we offer courier deliveries. We cooperate with the most significant courier companies on the market.

If you are not satisfied with the waiting time for a phone conversation with a courier company, if you are nervous because of several phone calls about the same issue, if you are not able to get any other information on your package than those placed on the package tracking information website, contact us!

What distinguishes us among other companies is a fast reaction to your request, high quality of customer service, experience in interpreting delivery status updates, as well as the effective flow of information.